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What is HERNIA?
The thick covering over intestine is called as “ Peritoneum”, when this covering is broken down or become loose then any part or particularly fat part of intestine comes out from the muscle structure of abdomen which is called as “Hernia” in simple words hernia is a protrusion (overhang) of peritoneum
Illustration: The inner tube coming out of the tire
 Hernia Illustrartion
Illustration of Hernia
A hernia appears out of an orifice in the muscle of the abdominal wall.
Hernia may occur at any age and more common in men than women.
With children, hernia is often congenital and abdominal wall weakness date then from birth.
Parts of Hernia:  Parts of Hernia
A Hernia is made of three parts: 
1. The Hernial duct
2. The Hernial sac contents (abdominal organ’s part s) 
3. The Hernial sac (blugging peritonium)
Types of Hernia:  Types of Hernia
1. Scrotal Hernia
2. Inguinal Hernia appears as a bulge in the groin
3. Umbilical Hernia appears as a bulge around the belly button 
4. Femoral Hernia (appears as a bulge in the upper thigh)
5. Inflammed Hernia 
Hernia is usually revealed by a swelling in on the abdominal wall. Hernia is more visible while coughing and lifting heavy objects or making efforts.  
Symptoms of Hernia:  
Symptoms are very visible and clear. There is swelling at a place where there is hernia it goes inside when it is pressed.

In start there is small protrusion and it may get bigger which is very painful and dangerous.

Causes of Hernia:
Following are the causes of hernia
1. Increase Pressure on the walls of abdominal cavity
2. Lifting of heavy objects
3. Difficulty in evacuation of stool (Constipation)
4. Chronic cough
5. Chronic Nausea/Vomiting
6. Obesity
As a prophylaxis keep in mind the causes of hernia and avoid them for example
1. Be careful in lifting of heavy objects
Hernia Treatment Hernia Treatment
2. Avoid from constipation
3. Consult to the physician in case of sever cough 
4. The best treatment of it is SURGERY but in start wearing of hernia belt can be solution.
5. Avoid to eat fatty food, use more fiber in your diet
 Hernia Consult Physcian
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